Davor Mamuzić

Colin Frizzell interviews filmmaker Davor Mamuzić.  

Air Date February 14th, 2018.

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Davor Mamuzić graduated and received a diploma in the computer animation field in Toronto, Canada. Soon after, under student internship, he worked on several projects for the Discovery Channel and Hollywood films, including, “The Cell” and “Jason X”.  All this led Davor to complete studies in different subjects: makeup, acting and cinematography. He then went on to receive two college certificates in Independent Filmmaking and Screenplay Writing. He also worked three and a half years for Croatian TV on OMNI TV as associate producer, cinematographer and editor. His short film”Framed” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and his documentary “If I Were Somebody” premiered at the Bosnian Film Festival. Both were well received on the international film festival circuit. Davor came to Canada, as a refugee from the Bosnian War, at 13 years of age. He currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.