Eve Crawford

Tim Drodge & Colin Frizzell Interview Canadian Actress and Author Eve Crawford

Airdate December 20 2017

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Eve is an acclaimed Canadian film and television actress and author. Her television credits include Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Goosebumps, Degrassi The Next Generation, Suits, Queer As Folk and Flashpoint among a very long list. Her film roles have included parts in Chicago, Mean Girls, Serendipity and Silent Hill to name a few.

Eve is branching out into writing with the soon to be released ‘I Paint Gophers’which is coming out in 2018.

In a wide ranging conversation Eve tells us about how she started acting and how she found ways to turn a childhood passion into a long and successful career. Eve also explains how to keep rolling in the face of mean reviews, how to handle the terror of forgetting your lines on stage in live theatre and how rewarding it can be to see your art inspire others to create art for themselves.