Louis Thomas

Episode 18: Colin interviews photographer Louis Thomas.          Listen on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Air Date: November 23rd, 2017


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Louis Thomas is a professional photographer. He has done everything from weddings to landscapes to portraits.  Mr. Thomas was inspired, influenced and trained by his father—also a professional photographer—who passed in 2010. Louis learned his profession on film and in the darkroom, but has moved into the digital realm and expanded his skill set to become a proficient video and sound editor. He was the cinematographer, editor and audio engineer on the short film “Old Friends“; written and directed by Colin Frizzell (Lavender), and starring Rob Fulton (Murdoch Mysteries, The Expanse).

Born and raised in Florida, USA, Louis now lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he does extensive work (both professional and volunteer) with Community Living Toronto, assisting the intellectually challenged.

He is the founder and current owner of YYZ Imaging.