Luna Li

Episode 13: Luna Li

Colin Frizzell interviews SOCAN award-winning musician Luna Li.  Listen on the player below.

Air Date: September 13th, 2017

Hannah Bussiere, stage name Luna Li,  is a bright new star rising on the Canadian Independent Music scene. Starting to play piano at 5 years of age, and violin at 7, she has over 14 years of classical music training, but is now sometimes referred to as the Garage Rock Princess. She attended the Classical Music Conservatory in Toronto, and one semester in McGill Conservatory in Montreal where she started writing her own songs. In 2015 she released her debut album Moon Garden, under the name, Veins. It amassed over 30,000+ online streams and received attention from The Deli Magazine, CBC Radio, Women in Music and Art, and Revibe TO. The Deli has called her music a “dreamy romp through some beautiful melodies and heartbreaking lyrics.”

In 2016 she finished an Independent Musical Production program at Seneca. In 2017 Luna Li was born and they have recently released 2 videos Opal Angel; and Star Stuff,  for which Hannah received the SOCAN Music Award for Young Singer Songwriters. Noisey.Vice.Com said Star Stuff, “sincerely exhibits a sense of optimism and innocence amid Bussiere’s huskier vocals.”

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