Neil McDonald

Episode 14 : Neil McDonald

Tim Drodge interviews acclaimed Sound Engineer and drummer Neil McDonald

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Air Date: September 27th, 2017

Neil McDonald is an acclaimed Toronto based sound engineer and musician who has been working in his field now professionally for over twenty three years primarily in commercial work focusing on assisting in the studio, composing and band tracking/mixing. Neil likes to refer to his music mixing style as Mid-Fi – the goal for Neil is to keep the mixes sounding real and punchy.

Starting out as a very young man using disassembled earbud headphones and a dual casssette deck to record drums Neil moved onto working professionally as a sound engineer. After a formal education and years in his field Neil has moved onto the cutting edge audio tools in use today. A wizard on Pro Tools and a wizard on the studio mixing board Neil has built a reputation in industry circles as being easy to work with, being flexible to the artists needs and possessed of an innate ability to help artists overcome creative roadblocks.

Over the years Neil has collaborated and produced art with literally hundreds of singers, bands, producers and voice over artists. Possesed of an enclycopedic knowledge base of music styles and genres Neil is still fighting the good creative fight and is now working for himself independently with the firm name Neil McDonald Audio.
He is also part of the music duo Chya (pronounced ‘Kai-ah’).

Check out for more details and you can go to his SoundCloud page for some samples of his superlative work. You can also search Neil McDonald Audio on Facebook.