Sabrina Kolodziej

Colin and Tim interview sous chef Sabrina Kolodziej.  Listen on the player below.

Air Date July 5th, 2017.


Sabrina Kolodziej is a sous chef working under the internationally renowned, Chef Craig Wong.  Her love of the culinary arts goes back to childhood and began with French Onion soup, which she worked on until she mastered it. After that it was Jerk chicken and from there Sabrina kept learning and perfecting a variety of dishes and pastries. Raised in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada she followed her passion to the nation’s capital, Ottawa, to train at Le Cordon Bleu, an outpost of the 120-year-old international institution. After completing her training, she moved to Ontario’s capital where she has worked at some of Toronto’s top restaurants: Bymark RestaurantArcadian CourtOliver & BonaciniPatria and America Restaurant. She currently lives in Toronto and works at Jackpot Chicken Rice.