Scott B. Sympathy

Episode 6: Colin Frizzell interviews critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter Scott B. Sympathy.  Listen on the player below.

Air Date June 7th, 2017.


Scott Bradshaw, who records as Scott B. Sympathy, is a Canadian indie rock musician. He released several albums with his eponymously named band in the 1990s, and subsequently became a member of Stratochief following the 1999 death of that band’s singer Greg McConnell.

The name “Scott B. Sympathy” was originally intended as the name of the band, with his own stage name simply being “Scott B.” However, this was so frequently misunderstood by fans and music journalists that when crediting the band’s 1996 album Long Way Down to “The Sympathy” still failed to resolve the confusion, Bradshaw eventually relented and adopted “Scott B. Sympathy” as his own stage name.

His debut album, 1990’s Neil Yonge Street, was titled with a pun combining Toronto, Ontario’s Yonge Street with the name of one of Bradshaw’s idols, Neil Young. His final solo album, “Unfinished Sympathy”, was also titled with a pun, referencing Schubert’s famous “Unfinished Symphony”.

In 2010, he was playing in a duo with former Sympathy member, slide guitarist Gord Cumming, under the name “Massey Harris”. (taken from Wikipedia)

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  • Neil Yonge Street (1990)
  • Drinking With the Poet (1993)
  • Long Way Down (1996)
  • Unfinished Sympathy (1999)